Welcome Busy Bees | Καλώς ήρθατε Μελισσούλες

Our close-knit preschool is a dual language Kindergarten readiness program for toddlers approaching 3 through 5.  We offer a stimulating and secure environment for your child to grow socially, intellectually and emotionally. 

Themed units are taught by experienced and caring teachers in Greek and English.  (Don’t worry!  Our program is specifically designed to introduce your child to the Greek language regardless of whether the parents speak Greek or not). 

Children have the opportunity to create and explore with time for group activities as well as solitary play. We believe that with a careful balance of love and encouragement every child can SOAR!

What's All the Buzz? Come See For Yourself!

At the Hellenic American Academy Busy Bees Preschool, our mission is to create a family of collaborative learners. We are committed to nurturing children’s innate sense of wonder.

  • Encouraging learning through exploration, play and discovery
  • Sparking students curiosity and sense of wonder
  • Exposing children to a wide variety of sensory stimuli
  • Promoting self expression, imagination, and creativity
  • Teaching appreciation of the natural world
  • Guiding each student on their individual path to independence
  • Creating rich a environment that fosters intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth
  • Nurturing environment building strong foundations for a bright future
  • Actively involving families, friends, and relatives
  • Supporting positive social interactions
  • Progressive Leadership encouraging innovative instructional practices
  • Enriching unparalleled experiences in culture, religion, and language

Program Levels



For bees who will be turning 3 years old soon.



For bees who will be 3 years old by Sept 1.



 For bees who will be 4 years old by Sept 1.


This class is designed to gently encourage exploration. Under the skilled direction of our instructors, your child begins to explore the world in both English and Greek.
Each day our busy young 3 bees can be seen:

  • Exploring board books Listening to teachers read engaging stories
  • Reviewing days of the month, weather, letters, numbers, colors & shapes
  • Actively moving through learning centers to hone their large and fine motors skills.


Our 3-year-old program focuses on socialization and the introduction of key early childhood concepts including: colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, math and science concepts, name recognition, following directions and basic fine motor skills. Students are immersed in both the Greek and English languages.


Our 4-year-old program is designed for Kindergarten readiness. Our big bees learn many concepts including: mastery of colors, numbers and basic shapes, in-depth exposure to the Greek and English alphabet through sight and sound, advanced paper-cutting skills, basic Kindergarten math and science skills and much more! Language acquisition in Greek and English is emphasized daily. Our bees are ready to fly!